Communal TV System Repairs & Communal TV System Installers.

What are communal TV systems.

Communal TV systems are simply where multiple users view TV from one TV reception systems. For example a TV systems for blocks of flats and apartments, hospitals and offices. Holiday parks and care homes also use Communal TV systems.

These systems can be used for simply viewing freeview, BT vision and Talk Talk TV, these TV systems are called Master Antenna TeleVision (MATV)  you can also add a satellite dish for communal Sky TV this is called a Satelitte Master Antenna TeleVision (SMATV)

Communal Sky Systems

Most modern communal Sky TV systems use an Integrated Reception System (IRS) with an IRS installation you can send Sky, Freeview and any other satellites you require to multiple occupant. This uses one set of TV aerial, and Radio aerials, with single satellite dishes for each satellite required Sky TV plus any foreign TV required.

We are experienced, qualified and insured to work on all this systems.

Communual TV headend repair

Communal TV Aerial System Repairs and Servicing.

We service and repair all types of communal TV aerials reception systems including IRS and SMATV systems.

We service communal TV systems in London and the South East.

We understand when the TV reception fails on a communal system there are many upset and vocal residents, for this reason we prioritise TV aerial and satellite repairs for IRS and SMATV systems.

Communal Aerial Repairs

Communal aerial repair services:

Shared aerial repairs, aerial realignments, replacement shared aerials, extra aerial feeds.

Communal Sky Repairs and Servicing

Communal Sky Repair Services:

Shared Sky dish realignment, Communal Sky faults repair, Quattro LNB replacement, Extra feeds from communal Sky, Sky Q and Communal Sky,

Communal TV Headend Repairs

Communal TV Headend Repairs:

IRS repairs, SMATV repairs, MATV Repairs, replacement headend equipment, Communal TV amplifier repairs,

Communal TV System Installers.

We install all types on Communal television systems, tailored to your needs.

IRS Systems, Sky Communal System, SMATV, MATV and Shared aerials.

For example we can install the reception and TV distribution equipment for new build property utilising your pre installed cabling.

Or carry out a total design and installation of shared aerials, shared Sky dishes, TV distribution head end and cabling for flat renovations, property upgrades or property change of use.

Communal Sky Systems Fitted

We carry out the fully integrated installation for communal Sky TV for flats, apartments and housing associations. Whether installation for communal Sky+ or Sky Q.

You may be able to upgrade your current shared TV system to a shard Sky system utilising some current components and cabling.

We work for local government, property developers, property management companies and private individuals.

Integrated Television System IRS

Integrated TV systems fitted and installed.

Allow shared use of TV aerials and satellite dishes to provide freeview and satellite TV to multiple housing units. Shared Sky+ TV and multiple foreign satellites is available.

We install shared TV systems for flats and apartments, hospitals education providers.

TV aerial fitted to flat roof

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Communal TV system servicing in:

We install and service communal TV and Shared TV in London, the south east and the surrounding areas from Cambridge and Oxford to the South Coast.

We specialise in servicing and installing shared Sky TV in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex.

We are based near North London in Watford for easy access to the motorway network of M1 and M25, so please look at the map to see if we service and install communal TV in your area.

Aerial installers and communal tv sytems in London.